Welcome to SietaClaie! Nama diberi, Rositta Clare Rosman but most of my friends call me Sieta. Yes, the proper one. I do have a few other names, tapi nama yang lain tu unik sikit. Kalau parents saya lain lagi dorang panggil saya. Uncle, aunty and cousin saya pula lain lagi dorang panggil saya. Fahamlah ba kamu tu kan. Currently, saya masih berjuang kasi habis degree di universiti bertekad cemerlang! Kamu carilah sendiri universiti mana tu. Haha. Itu sajalah untuk pengenalan diri. Most of my info ada juga terselit dalam post saya. Lagi-lagi post pasal cerita pasal Wednesday Prompts. 

Kenapa saya buat ini blog? Nothing really! Kalau yang saya ingat, dulu saya suka betul menulis masa zaman sekolah. Karangan, diari and ada jugalah beberapa attempt untuk mahu tulis novel sendiri. It's derived from my writing passion but I think it's all in the past now. I rarely enjoy writing nowadays, but when I do, it's unstoppable. Selagi ada idea, selagi tu tidak mahu berhenti menulis.

Through this blog, I want to share a little things, my hobbies, knowledges, experiences, tips and many more. Saya tiada spesifik niche, tapi boleh dikatakan it's a Personal Lifestyle Blog. In order for you to have a good stay in this blog, I will make sure that everything is in the right places, like having a good navigation for you to easily get back and forth so you will not get lost even I share random things here.


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